We invite you to enjoy a magical ‘woodland styled’ wedding photo shoot…..

We invite you to enjoy a magical ‘woodland styled’ wedding photo shoot…..

We were recently involved with a ‘woodland styled’ wedding photo shoot at the wonderful Escrick Park Estate, near York, and thought you might be interested to see some of the results. Images all courtesy of Lianne Gray Photography.

The shoot was organised by Yorkshire based photographer Lianne Gray and Sian Chaplin Events from Leeds.  They collected together a large group of creative people to create the styling for the shoot.  We began in the late afternoon and continued on into the night to catch the beautiful soft evening sunlight and atmospheric night of the woodland clearing which has been especially created to celebrate weddings.

We were tasked with creating the flowers to fit the brief which was simply to use deep red, peach and cream coloured flowers to suit a woodland setting.  We were delighted with this, as it gave us all the opportunity to engage our imaginations and to create something really special.

For the brides bouquet we used the current trend for very wild, natural looking flowers with big blousey blooms.  We designed a hand tied including the rich combination of deep red dahlias, burgundy peonies, peach ranunculus, and dusky roses and with dark clematis trails, jasmine and amaranthus, to give it movement, and the open, wild look which is so popular, and you can certainly see why.

For the groom we made a coordinating button hole including a feature rose, ranunculus buds and more jasmine.  This was quite a large button hole and it looked fabulous against his sharp tailored suit and the woodland setting.

Our next task was to dress the table.  We decided on a woven floral design which went along the full length of the rustic wooden table and then flowed over the sides with wispy jasmine, clematis and ferns.  Interspersed amongst the flowers we added figs, plums and pomegranates which gave a totally different texture to the opulent looking flowers and added a real sense of lushness and luxury.

For the chair design we added a feature cluster of the beautiful themed flowers attached to the back frame, again with romantic trails gently falling around the flowers.  These details really enticed you and invited you to come closer and look more closely at the table which really was a sight to behold as along with the flowers there were crisp place settings and gold cutlery.

The pièce de résistance was where we were able to really go to town; this was an enormous candelabra which we managed to hang over a six-meter-high branch of an ancient oak tree using plaited material.  We covered and filled the candelabra with lush foliage and then used the feature flowers to create an extraordinary display of opulence.  The peonies, dahlias, roses, ranunculus and amaranthus all blended together perfectly, while each remaining a statement in their own right. The overall effect when the candles were flickering above the foliage as the sun set was magical.

As the light disappeared the bride and groom moved to the rustic arbour, where wedding ceremonies can be held.  This was decorated beautifully with a plethora of candles and twinkly lights set amongst the branches and set on wooden tree trunks.  We added our flowers to each corner of the arbour and lit them gently with fairy lights from behind which shone through and highlighted the wonderful textures of the ferns and gave a deep glow through the red of the peonies and dahlias.

Drawing the night to a close, we finished with the final images of the beautiful cake surrounded by the bridal flowers.  The atmosphere captured in these images is so quiet and evocative.  It was quite moving to be there and to feel the magic. I hope you can experience a little of this from these images.

If you are moved and inspired, we can create flowers like these for weddings and events or simply because you would like to experience some magic for yourselves. The candelabras are available for hire and will from now on be known as the ‘Rapunzel’. Call us on 01943 968118 to see what we could create for you.

If you’ve liked what you’ve seen, here are the links to the contributors to the shoot, all of whom we can highly recommend.