So, what did we create for the midsummer wedding fete? More details and beautiful images below..

So, what did we create for the midsummer wedding fete? More details and beautiful images below..

We haven’t been to many wedding fairs recently, often using word of mouth and our reputation to keep the wedding side of our business running.  We have however decided we really want to expand our wedding floristry and as such realised we needed to put ourselves ‘out there’ a bit more.

We already work with Falcon Manor so it seemed a natural choice when Little White Books invited us to exhibit there, at their mid-summer wedding fete last weekend, to accept and go ahead.

Each exhibitor has a stand on which to show their ‘wares’ and we started off with this as our only display but as the weeks passed we were also delighted to be invited to provide flowers tables within Falcon Manor so we were delighted to have more opportunities to show more of what we can offer.

Working with a degradable product means that for a florist it is quite an investment to exhibit at these events so we wanted to make sure our flowers gave maximum impact.  We decided to achieve this we needed to give the brides-to-be and interactive experience so that they could connect with our flowers and really imagine how they would feel holding them on their big day.

We created four different bouquets for people to try.  The first was a dainty wired bouquet of deliciously scented David Austin ‘Kiera’ roses, jasmine and stephanotis flowers.  Several brides really loved it’s elegant simplicity, the soft movement the wired trails gave and could imagine it against a sleek, simple dress.

The second was a joyous bouquet with such depth of textures and colours it really was a piece of art.  While several brides agreed it was a little heavier, to hold due to water in the oasis which was holding the flowers and allowing them to drink, they really appreciated the technical nature and beauty of this bouquet and commented that they had never considered a bouquet like this, but that their minds were now completely changed on their preconceived wedding flower ideas. 

The final traditional bouquet was a large open styled hand tied bouquet of wonderful roses, mint, peonies, clematis, jasmine, honeysuckle, dahlias and astrantia. It was a real celebration of British grown flowers, many of which had come from our very own local grower here in Ilkley, Claire at Pear Tree House Flowers . It was a joy to the senses as not only was it stunning and dramatic in its own right but the fragrance from this bouquet as the brides passed it around was amazing.

Finally we had a ‘novelty’ bouquet which was the practically weightless flower hoop.  This was made from scratch into a beautiful ribbon covered circle onto which a ‘garden’ of individual flowers were attached.  It was quite exquisite and several small bridesmaids to be enjoyed being able to hold it.  It was lovely to see their happy faces.

Within Falcon Manor our table centres were all different but incorporated similar flowers with hydrangeas, roses, peonies and dahlias playing a major role.  The storm lantern display was a compact low style over which guests would easily be able to chat but with lots of floral detail to admire during their time at the table.

The second display was more dramatic from a distance with a low centre of massed flowers and a central florally adorned pole leading up to a second ring of massed flowers with hydrangea flower heads suspended in glass globes. This display would again allow people to easily converse across the table while giving huge impact if displayed in large numbers. It could easily be made even larger and fuller with more flowers to give greater impact.










The final table centre was another delicious combination of scented garden flowers in  soft pinks and whites again with roses, peonies, astillbe and mint.  This was displayed in a crackle glazed bowl giving a more opulent look than the traditional glass.

The top table we kept simple this weekend, with scattered individual flowers on either side of lovely low, mixed sized frosted glass vases with a combination of coordinating garden flowers and succulents giving an informal but pretty feel to the table.  This again could be made as a larger display if a bride and groom wanted the same look but on a grander scale.

It was such a pleasure for me to present these flowers to the guests at the fete.  A lot of the brides were very reluctant to hold the bouquets at first,  a few worrying they would cry,  others being afraid of damaging them and for some it just all seemed to much.  It didn’t take long however, until they were all trying them for size, laughing and having photos taken with them and passing them around to their friends.  It was so lovely for me to see their faces as they held the different bouquets and when they found their particular favourite their whole faces lit up with pleasure at having discovered ‘the one’.  I loved it!

If you would like to come and experience one of our interactive bouquet displays our next wedding fair is being organised by The Wedding Affair and is on Saturday 15th October at Oulton Hall between 12 and 3pm.  I would love to see you there and give you the chance to enjoy our flowers, to delight and hopefully surprise you a little, as much as we did for the brides last weekend.  Put the date in your diary and please spread the word to anyone who is getting married in the next year or two as we are taking bookings well into next year and beyond already.

Images courtesy of Falcon Manor,  Shindig Styling Events and Little White Books

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