One of the busiest weeks in the florists calendar approaches…

One of the busiest weeks in the florists calendar approaches…
Spring Garden Arrangement
Spring Garden Arrangement

Yes, now is the time of year for Mother’s Day, which is one of the busiest weeks for florists. We all generally love to give flowers (and to receive them) and this celebration is a perfect time to combine the two for many people!

Spring is coming and the days are getting lightmade with love er, the sun comes out with a somehow brighter glow than we’ve seen for months and the spring flowers compete with the fading snowdrops for our best camera shots and to give our hearts a flutter, well they do mine anyway.

It’s such a lovely time of year and nature is a gift for the florist. The shop has reached new heights of scent sensation with the cut hyacinths as you come in the door, next to the heady aroma of the wonderful Melt candles surrounded by spring bouquets and as you walk further in the lilies hit you, metaphorically speaking of course, I wish we had ‘smellivision’ online!MD 2017

stuffed pot 2017
‘Stuffed’ Pot

This season we’re focusing on these beautiful spring flowers as the stars of our Mother’s Day collections. We’ve been brainstorming different ways to arrange and display them to give you a range of colour and design options to choose from. From more traditional bouquets to garden arrangements to ‘stuffed pots’ (sounds like something for a cafe menu) and planted arrangements in stunning containers, so we will have something for everyone, and guaranteed I will want to buy them all myself!

If you need any insIMG_0900piration as to how to make your mum smile on 26th March, look no further than us and feel free to call into the shop to ask us for special requests. If you don’t have a mum, like me, why not buy some for yourself to celebrate where you came from.

We have a large stock of delicious Melt candles which also make great gifts and this year we’re giving away a Melt candle tin worth £8.95 with every flower arrangement over £50 (excl del) ordered for collection or delivery over Mother’s Day weekend.

Looking forward to a busy week, we’ve got a couple of weddings as well to keep us on our toes. Please do pop in and say hello and enjoy the extra sensations the shop has to offer at this particularly lovely time of year. See you soon.

Katherine x