It’s Peony Time!

It’s Peony Time!

It’s Peony Time!

Aren’t peonies wonderful?  They’ve got everything going for them; large showy flowers, a gorgeous range of shades from creamy white to deep crimson along with many pink, peach and coral tones. Then there’s the fragrance, and the fact that they have a relatively short season so we appreciate them all the more when they make their appearance in late spring/early summer.


Peonies have been grown in our garden borders for centuries and are becoming increasingly popular as cut flowers especially for weddings.  If they are the must-have flower for your wedding we suggest you get married as near to June as possible when peonies are at their stunning best and realistically priced.

Below we’ve featured some of the famous varieties along with others that we are seeing this year for the first time.


‘Duchesse de Nemours’  Smooth white outer petals open to reveal a creamy centre and a wonderful fragrance.  Much sought after by brides for their wedding flowers.  Nothing else gives quite the same effect.


‘Sarah Bernhardt’  The soft pink peony that everyone is familiar with.  The large double flowers with a mass of delicate frilly petals resemble old fashioned garden roses when open and are fragrant.


‘Mother’s Choice’  A new one to us as a florist’s cut flower.  The fragrant blooms with smooth rounded petals vary slightly in colour from pale cream to the palest blush pink with some petals delicately tinged with red.  One of our brides has just chosen this one for her wedding bouquet in exactly a year’s time, she won’t be disappointed!


‘Henry Bockstoce’  Another one that’s new to us.  The petals are large,  smooth edged and look almost waxy.  When fully open they are huge, sturdy and hold their petals longer than most – very impressive.   No wonder they have a masculine name!

Make the most of these beautiful blooms over the coming month, they won’t be around for long.