Introducing the ‘YoungMinds’ bouquet, raising awareness and funds with beautiful flowers

Introducing the ‘YoungMinds’ bouquet, raising awareness and funds with beautiful flowers


It’s that time of year again when many young people are heading back to schools, colleges and indeed universities, with such a mix of emotions.

You may have noticed the bright yellow YoungMinds collecting tin that has appeared next to the till (thank you for the donations so far), and it is this charity that we decided as a team we want support by raising funds but also to help raise awareness of the charity and the work that it does.

We chose to support YoungMinds as we are in a town with a large population of young people, many primary schools and a very large grammar school and we wanted to be able to give something back to our local community.  Unfortunately, as I’m sure you’re aware, so many young people struggle with mental health issues for many many reasons, and while society is becoming much more aware of these issues, there is still a lot of stigma around mental health and a lack of knowledge about the effects these illnesses have on people.

YoungMinds work to raise awareness of mental health issues and to give young people more information about these via their website and through education, but did you know they also have a support line phone number for parents (0808 802 5544), which I’m sure many people would find helpful if they knew it was there, so we want to help spread the word as widely as possible.

We have already worked with Ilkley Grammar School last term, in the run up to exams, by sending armfuls of brightly coloured orange germini each with a card attached, giving the YoungMinds contact details.  The students were encouraged to take a flower home if they wanted, for them to keep for themselves or to give to a friend who they thought might find it helpful.  We also left three YoungMinds collecting tins with the school and this raised over £40 for the charity as a start.

Our next project is that we are going to have a ‘YoungMinds’ bouquet that people can order or buy in the shop. This will be an all-round handtied of seasonal flowers, but will always  include some yellow flowers, as this is the main YoungMinds colour in their branding. The bouquets will cost £35 or £50, and for each bouquet sold, £2 or £3 respectively will go to YoungMinds.  Each bouquet will also have one of the ‘Erica Berry in support of YoungMinds’ cards attached which has the young minds web address on it too, so the recipient or indeed purchaser will have this information to hand.

We really hope you get behind us with these bouquets so we can raise as much money for the charity as possible and spread the word as much as we can, you never know if someone may be grateful, not only for the flowers but also for the support that will come with them.

If you would like to order your YoungMinds bouquet today, call us on 01943 968118 or email [email protected]. We deliver to Ilkley and the local villages or you can collect from on shop on Railway Road.

YoungMinds Parents helpline: 0808 802 5544