Hyacinths, ’tis the season to be scented!

Hyacinths, ’tis the season to be scented!

After all the glitz and sparkle of the festive season, it can leave our homes feeling a little denuded and us, perhaps a little flat. However, don’t despair as help is at hand with the herald of spring as the beautiful, often dainty and delicate spring flowers appear, after all the bold amaryllis and orchids of December. I have to confess this is one of my favourite seasons for flowers and I love to revel in the different shapes, colours and of course scents that fill the shop and our displays at this time of year. We are far from flat, that’s for certain!

Grape Hyacinths

The first spring flower we see in abundance is the hyacinth. We’ve been working with the bulbs for a month or so now and you may even have had some of our sparkly bulbs over Christmas, but now the cut flowers are coming to the fore with their delicious, heady scent of spring. Did you know that each colour has a different scent?

The origins of the hyacinth have quite a dramatic story. According to Greek mythology, “Apollo the sun god and Zephyr the god of the west wind compete for a young boy’s affections. At one point Apollo is teaching Hyakinthos how to throw the discus and Zephyr gets so angry that he blows a gust of wind in Apollo’s direction, which sends the discus hurling back in the direction of Hyakinthos, striking and killing him. Apollo, brokenhearted, notices that a flower springs up from the blood that was spilled and names the flower hyacinth in honor of the boy. This symbol of the hyacinth flower has remained pretty simple throughout history.”

Hyacinths grow in a variety of different colours, the most common being blue, white and pink but they also can be red, yellow, peach and purple. The meanings attributed to hyacinth flowers vary depending on their colour but each can be related back to the Greek mythology story of it’s origins.

“Purple – asking for forgiveness or symbolizes deep regret
Yellow – yellow means jealousy in the world of hyacinths
White – means loveliness or prayers for someone
Red – play time or recreation”

Quotes from http://www.flowermeaning.com/hyacinth-flower-meaning/

You will see hyacinths being used in many designs over the coming weeks. Watch out for next week’s blog where I’ll give you some top tips about how to make the most of them in your own home. In the mean time, we are adding new products to the spring collection of the webshop, so do keep browsing….