‘Flowers are the “pets” of the plant world to humans’…find out why through some science behind our relationships with flowers

‘Flowers are the “pets” of the plant world to humans’…find out why through some science behind our relationships with flowers

So, this week’s Stray FM and Erica Berry Flowers collaboration is all about flowers and plants and the effects they have on us humans.  I’ve been researching some of the science behind our relationships with flowers, and while some is common sense, some is very interesting when it’s backed up by scientific evidence.  In all cases, and hugely importantly, flowers are found to reduce anxiety, something that I forgot to mention in the interview, there is always so much to say, but so little time to say it in!

Many experiments that have been conducted over the years and a recent study by a psychologist in the USA showed that receiving flowers not just makes people happy, but makes them happy for a prolonged period of time and increases, amongst other things, their feelings of ‘life satisfaction’. 

We briefly touch on NASA research from the 1980’s, looking at plants and their effects on the atmosphere in our houses, and a couple of experiments that give evidence of the positive benefits of lavender and rosemary, but each have very different effects, so use with care!

Finally, we conducted our own highly scientific experiment on the Stray FM presenter Chris Dean, who on entering the shop for the first time this week, noted how relaxed it made him feel.  We decided to find out whether different coloured flowers had any effect on how he felt.  We should have known when as he sat down to start the interview that he commented on the relaxing sound of the water sprayer, as Libby spritzed an arrangement she’d just completed, that his responses might be a little unusual and suffice to say, he did not disappoint!

You can listen to the full interview here  https://we.tl/UXaaT51wnS  and if you want to see the incredible experiment in full you can watch it on our Facebook page,  I challenge you not to laugh at least once!  https://www.facebook.com/EricaBerryFlowers/

A final thought to leave you with from the Professor of Psychology in the USA who proposes a ‘co-evolutionary theory’ for the finding of her experiment on the effects of giving women flowers, that is, as plants and humans have evolved together ‘flowers have become to us, the “pets” of the plant world’.  I thought this was a rather lovely analogy and one that I definitely subscribe to!

Katherine x