Easter flowers and a couple of top tips…..

Easter flowers and a couple of top tips…..


Moving on swiftly from Mother’s day, it’s all change in the shop this week as we’ve gone from our last weekends floral extravaganza straight into Easter preparations.     We will be making more of our spring garden arrangements which have proved to be one of our best sellers so far this season.

Pink and white spring garden arr brddAnother design, which follows the current trend for very delicate, informal floral constructions is affectionately call the ‘twiggy vase’. These require a careful choice of flowers and foliage to create a harmonious display of colours and textures and are always individual if you fancy something else with a bit of a wow factor.twiggy vase brdd

A top tip for you for a couple of firm favourite spring flowers, and one to remember for next year, is to always cut the stems of your flowers before you place them in water to allow them to drink. An exception is for hyacinths, which when bought as a bunch usually have a section of the bulb attached to the base of the stem, and this will continue to feed the flowers while they’re in your vase so don’t cut these off unless you have to.IMG-20170208-WA0002

Another tip for tulips is that as they continue to grow when in water, they can become rather ‘overgrown looking’, at this point you can cut the flowers off onto shorter stems, and rearrange them in a much shorter vase or container to get another whole display from them for several more days. They are flowers that keep on giving!

Easter is quite late in the calendar this year so now is a perfect time to enjoy the last few weeks of the spring flowers before we move on into the heady blooms of summer and a whole new season of loveliness….

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