Corporate Flowers

Corporate Flowers

Flowers and plants are an important way to boost your corporate image and benefit your staff and clients.

Flowers and plants are increasingly being used within offices and places of work to not only provide a more pleasant working environment, but also as a result of their, now scientifically proven, health benefits to workers and clients alike. Offices that use plants as part of their décor find that their workers generally feel a greater sense of wellbeing with reduced stress levels, reduced depression, reduced sickness and absences, reduced levels of fatigue but increased levels of productivity.

We can source a wide variety of plants and containers for your office, including many varieties with specific air cleaning abilities to help remove toxins from the working environment, an added bonus.

Flowers are also hugely beneficial, again reducing stress and anxiety and they too have been shown to boost creativity and production amongst staff. Refreshed weekly, a display of flowers in your reception area creates a positive first impression for your clients, they cause people to release endorphins, or ‘happy hormones’ which could put your staff and clients in a good frame of mind to work together. A flower arrangement will show you care about attention to detail and finishing touches, and careful choice and use of specific colours or flowers can help build your company’s branding.

We also create floral displays for corporate events, see our events page, and here flowers really make a statement whilst reinforcing your brand through their use.

Beautiful bouquets are a simple but effective way to thank both clients and staff, to celebrate their birthdays or reward their successes.

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