An EBF wedding consultation, what you need to know….no 1.

An EBF wedding consultation, what you need to know….no 1.

IMG_1931[1]The first thing that happens when someone approaches us to do their wedding flowers is that we arrange a time for a wedding consultation.  This is where the fun starts and it’s actually really quite exciting (speaking from experience).  The consultation involves an in-depth discussion, usually in the shop, over an hour or so to cover all the ideas and ideals of the wedding flowers, it’s completely free and allows us to produce a really accurate quote.IMG_1121

The date of the wedding will act as a indicator as to which flowers are going to be in season and therefore at their best quality and value at that time.  We have that knowledge at our finger tips so if someone had their hearts set on peonies in December we can suggest beautiful and suitable alternatives.

Colour is obviously a huge factor when choosing wedding flowers, it’s very emotive and is really important to get right.  There are many different varieties of flowers available now and so many colour variations, to really quite minute detail, so we spend a lot of time ensuring we source exactly the variety of flowers to get the colour to perfectly complement the theme, which is not always easy.Wrist corsage - popular now

Style is also incredibly important and can affect the feel of the event dramatically.  Is it going to be a very formal event with structural and architectural designs or a more relaxed wild garden theme, which is very on trend this year?  We need to talk about the event as a whole to ascertain what is going to work for each couple.

We also get to talk about ‘the’ dress, always so exciting, and what style of bouquet would suit both the design but also the personality of the bride, some bouquets are happier to be waved around more than others!  We can of course create the traditional hand-tied bouquet and frequently do, but perhaps the bride has not considered something more unusual, maybe a long steel grass handle (do you know what this is?.. we can show you) or an over the arm wired bouquet….there are so many different options and all our bouquets are individual pieces of art, but that don’t cost the earth you’ll be pleased to know!IMG_2986

At the consultation, the bride is also able to peruse of wide selection of vases, containers, candelabras and accessories that can be hired out for the event and allow for more extravagant floral displays, or equally very tiny ones, but it all means we get a full picture of what each bride is looking for before we prepare their quote.

There is so much more detail I could go into here about wedding bouquets, seasonal flowers, ceremony and reception flowers but I’m going to save those for another blog soon.

If you are looking for a florist for your wedding, or know someone who is please give us a call to book your consultation and see what we could create for you.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Katherine x

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