Amaryllis the December houseplant of the month…and here’s why…

Amaryllis the December houseplant of the month…and here’s why…

Amaryllis are now a regular sight in many florists during December and on through into the New Year. According to the British Florist Association, the amaryllis, also known as Hippeastrum is ‘stylish and sensual’ and we’re inclined to agree.

‘Available in many varieties and rich earthy colours. This houseplant’s big feature is its changing appearance. A stately hollow stem emerges from a bulb on which smooth buds develop, these open into voluminous calyxes with velvety petals in white, salmon, red, pink or even green. The flowers can reach a diameter of 20 cm and are particularly impressive as one would not expect such a lavish display from such a sleek stem, especially not in the winter months.

‘The Amaryllis is a member of the Narcissus family, with more than 70 species. It’s native to the (sub-)tropical regions of Mexico and the Caribbean through to northern Argentina. The first plants probably developed in Brazil. The plant was first cultivated in Europe in around 1800.’ The British Florist Association

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A versatile plant Amaryllis can tolerate both dark and light positions, as long as it’s reasonably cool. Do not allow the soil to dry out, but do not have standing water either. There’s no need to feed them as with all bulbs, the nutrients are already stored inside.

Amaryllis feature stongly in our Christmas arrangements this year, have a browse of our webshop but remember while they look fairly insignificant when in bud, they will open into a spectacular display, so consider where you will place the arrangment to ensure it will have space to reveal it’s full glory!