The business of flowers

Get the image right for your business with the aid of stunning flowers and lush plants.

We’re not just here for your sparkling special events but for your everyday business floristry too. Did you know that living plants in the office actually provide a healthier working environment? Scientists have proven that adding living greenery and flowers (one plant per square metre) directly affects employee performance on memory retention and other basic tasks. They absorb toxins from the air while adding to the oxygen levels and increasing humidity.

Refreshed weekly, a display of flowers in your reception area creates a positive first impression for your clients and shows that you care about attention to detail and finishing touches.

Themed displays for corporate events at your offices or away at exhibitions are eye-catching and fragrant, helping to give you an edge in an already bright and colourful environment.

Beautiful bouquets are a simple but effective way to thank both clients and staff or celebrate their birthdays and new arrivals. In the event of any problem, they even help to smooth the way with a client to support your apology far more effectively than an email or letter.

To discuss how working with us can add colour and style into your business world, simply email or call 01943 968118.


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