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I did it!! My first floristry competition….such a buzz.

After visiting several flowers shows this year, including being lucky enough to go to Chelsea, I felt inspired to enter a floristry competition myself and to see what I could create.  Being the 'marketing and digital communications manager' at Erica Berry Flowers, although I am a qualified florist too, I don't get to do a lot of floristry myself, so this was going to be a real personal challenge.   I chose the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show as it is regional, and slightly ... Read more

Introducing the ‘YoungMinds’ bouquet, raising awareness and funds with beautiful flowers

  It’s that time of year again when many young people are heading back to schools, colleges and indeed universities, with such a mix of emotions. You may have noticed the bright yellow YoungMinds collecting tin that has appeared next to the till (thank you for the donations so far), and it is this charity that we decided as a team we want support by raising funds but also to help raise awareness of the charity and the work that it does. We chose ... Read more

Finally, the results of our win a bouquet competition, which turned out to have a twist.

Back in June we launched a competition to win a luxury bouquet, see the blog dated 6th June We were delighted by the response from all over the country and our winner was the lovely Vivienne Wong Tobias, from Essex. As the bouquet was to be either collected or delivered within our local range around Ilkley, Vivienne asked for the flowers to be sent to a local women’s charity. The bouquet we designed we wanted to be bright and cheerful so it seemed ... Read more

Erica gives a flower demonstration on the radio……we’ve given you some photos too!

This month on our Stray FM 'Homes and Garden' slot, we thought it would be good to take their lovely presenter, Beth Parsons, through the steps we use to create a flower arrangement of the type we would make and sell here in Erica's shop in Ilkley. There was a little trepidation about how effective this would be as our industry is so very visual, but I think the finished article is actually quite effective. While I'm sure you all have very vivid ... Read more

How to make your flowers last longer, the final instalment with a few surprises!

So, here is the final instalment in our blog to help you make the most of your flowers when you get them home. Earlier we gave you the top tips to recut the stems of the flowers when you get them home and just before you put them into a clean vase of water including the flower food sachet we give you. We’ve given you a bit more information on the flower food and why it is so important to use it. Today we’re ... Read more

Do flowers really need cut flower food? Read on for the truth….

Anyone who already shops with us at Erica Berry Flowers either for fresh flowers for yourselves, or indeed when buying a bouquet as a gift, or to be delivered, will already know, we always attach a sachet of flower food for you to give to your flowers when you put them in fresh water at home.   When our flowers arrive in the shop we have a special water delivery system for them which gives us water from a tap which is pre-dosed ... Read more

‘Flowers are the “pets” of the plant world to humans’…find out why through some science behind our relationships with flowers

So, this week’s Stray FM and Erica Berry Flowers collaboration is all about flowers and plants and the effects they have on us humans.  I've been researching some of the science behind our relationships with flowers, and while some is common sense, some is very interesting when it's backed up by scientific evidence.  In all cases, and hugely importantly, flowers are found to reduce anxiety, something that I forgot to mention in the interview, there is always so much to say, ... Read more

Flower Beards – ‘Oh yeah, the perfect festival accessory!’, The British Florist Association

I found this post on the British Florist Association website and just had to share it with you all as the festival season is very much upon us and we didn't want anyone to miss out on this fantastic fashion accessory. "With the festival season just starting we felt we ought to visit the ideal trend for men with bushy beards; You’ve got it - colourful flowers entwined with facial hair is this summer’s blossoming fashion statement. Big beards on men are now ... Read more

What is the most important thing you can do to make your flowers last longer?

It's been interesting in the shop this week how many people have been surprised when we give them the advice to cut the stems of their flowers before they put them in water.  Why is this so important I hear you ask?  Well, its because when flowers are cut from their parent plant, as a safety mechanism to protect themselves from dehydration, they form a seal over the bottom of the cut part of the stem to try to prevent moisture ... Read more

So, what did we create for the midsummer wedding fete? More details and beautiful images below..

We haven’t been to many wedding fairs recently, often using word of mouth and our reputation to keep the wedding side of our business running.  We have however decided we really want to expand our wedding floristry and as such realised we needed to put ourselves ‘out there’ a bit more. We already work with Falcon Manor so it seemed a natural choice when Little White Books invited us to exhibit there, at their mid-summer wedding fete last weekend, to accept ... Read more
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